Lactic acidosis, what is it: symptoms of type 2 diabetes mellitus, causes and treatment of complications of lactic acidosis
Lactic acidosis: causes, symptoms and treatment of lactic acidosis
Description Acidosis is usually called an increase in the acidic environment in the blood and tissues of the body compared
Why do you want to sleep when you have high blood pressure: can hypertension cause drowsiness?
Why does blood pressure rise at night?
Could it be that with high blood pressure you want to sleep? Usually drowsiness accompanies the development
Microangiopathy of the brain - what it is, causes, diagnosis and treatment
The brain is the most important human organ, the center of the nervous system. When do they begin in the brain?
Blood group 2 Rh negative: characteristics, designation, compatibility
First negative blood group: characteristics and features As you know, there are four blood groups, in
Narrowing of the fundus vessels: causes, retina, symptoms, treatment of arteries
Age-related features The fundus of the eye in newborns is normally light yellow in color, and the optic disc is
Recovery and rehabilitation after brain shunt surgery in children
Coronary heart disease and exercise Coronary heart disease disrupts the blood supply to the heart muscle
Thrombophilia during pregnancy
Prevention and treatment of thrombophilia during pregnancy
What is thrombophilia? The blood clotting process is a cascade of biochemical reactions leading to a change in state
If clotting is poor, what are the risks during pregnancy?
During various laboratory examinations that a pregnant woman undergoes repeatedly during the entire period of gestation
Foods containing large amounts of iron
Iron-rich foods for children, pregnant women and everyone, everyone, everyone...
One of the most essential microelements for the functioning of the human body is iron. His atoms are cruising
ESR in the blood during pregnancy: norm and deviations
ESR during pregnancy ESR indicator during pregnancy and a woman who is not currently pregnant
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