How dangerous can the symptoms of cerebral ischemia be in a newborn and an adult?
Transient ischemic attack in a teenager: why?
The brain (brain) is not the largest organ in the human body, but its role is difficult
Heart occluder: concept, meaning, installation features, results, side effects, indications and contraindications
Heart, cor, (Greek - cardia) is the central organ of the circulatory system, ensuring the movement of blood through
Types of heart murmurs
Reasons why a newborn has a heart murmur
What is a “heart murmur”? The reasons for visiting a doctor, examination and treatment are
aching dull pain in the lower back
Constant aching pain in the stomach causes
Constant nagging pain in the lower back is a symptom of many diseases, such as the spine and joints,
After what can arrhythmia begin?
How long does the temperature last after bypass surgery?
No one is immune from the occurrence of heart rhythm disturbances. Even if a person is in excellent health,
Extrasystolic arrhythmia causes and treatment
Types of disorders Extrasystolic arrhythmia, depending on the causes that caused it, can be functional, organic and
Arrhythmia in the elderly
Atrial fibrillation in the elderly - treatment features
Arrhythmia in older people: symptoms, causes, treatment Heart rhythm disturbances are diagnosed in 85% of people
Enlarged heart
Ultrasound of the heart is normal, but on x-ray the heart is enlarged
Causes The causes of an enlarged heart in a child depend on the type of cardiomegaly. It may be primary
A substance that has an inhibitory effect on the heart. Nervous humoral regulation of heart function. Regulation of the heart
The heart is a muscular organ that provides blood supply to all organs and systems of the human body. Holotopia
10 causes of pain on the left under the ribs, front or back
Causes of pain Pancreatitis Inflammation of the pancreas is the most common factor causing pain on the left side under the ribs.
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