Treatment of diabetic gangrene of the lower extremities
The initial stage of gangrene of the lower extremities in diabetes mellitus and how to treat it
Causes of development Diabetic gangrene of the lower extremities - necrosis of tissues and cells due to metabolic disorders
Blood parameters of a child at different age periods
The norm of band and segmented neutrophils in a blood test Neutrophils are the most numerous variety
Tension headache
10 causes of headaches in the back of the head
Unfamiliar to many, the diagnosis “TTHN” is the most common verdict for headaches in the world. More
aspen bark medicinal properties for diabetes
Recipes for treating diabetes mellitus with aspen bark
Why is aspen useful? The bark, buds, leaves of aspen, a native Russian tree, have been used to treat many
chronic cerebral ischemia developmental features
Stage 1 periventricular ischemia in newborns
Chronic cerebral ischemia is a gradually increasing dysfunction of the organ that appears as a result
Cleaning blood vessels with linseed oil, garlic and lemon
Effective treatment of atherosclerosis with flaxseed oil
Flaxseed oil is extracted from flax seeds by cold pressing. It is mainly used in household
5 groups of drugs for the treatment of arterial hypertension
Hypertension is characterized by increased blood pressure. Many people over 45 years of age suffer from it.
Types, prognosis and treatment of mitral regurgitation
Etiology of the disease Hardening of the walls of the aorta of the heart occurs as a result of certain processes in the human body. Basic
Dementia in the elderly after stroke: causes, symptoms and treatment
Consequences of a stroke: vascular dementia Vascular dementia appears when there is severe damage to brain tissue With ischemic
The largest vessel in our body is the aorta. Like any other vessel, it
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